Scenario Converter Software History

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Latest update:


2.5.0 - October 2017
Bug fix: conversion of very specific multi-file LS3 scenarios finishing prematurely half way through. 
Bug fix:"All files *.*" input file filter has now been removed, because it allowed the users to load non-LabSat files.

2.4.5 - June 2017
Added support for conversion to LabSat 3 Wideband file format.

2.4.1 - February 2015
Feature: Message "LabSat 3 Triple Constellation files are not supported" is displayed when the user tries to open a triple constellation file.
Feature: Added "All LabSat files" and "All files" filters to the OpenFileDialog.

2.3.3 - February 2015
Added support for leap second scenarios.

2.2.0 - August 2014
Initial release.