SatGen v3 Software History

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3.11.26 - November 2018
- SatGen UI: Default signal to noise ratio changed to 4dB below the maximum.
- SatGen UI Bug Fix: Google Maps was displayed in Developer Mode.
- SatGen UI Bug Fix: only GPS L1C/A was available with a single constellation dongle plugged in.
- Optimization: height limit of 2000km is no longer in force, SatGen can now efficiently simulate trajectories even beyond the geostationary orbit.The maximum heights when simulating different constellations are:
              GPS – 56000 km
              GLONASS – 57000 km
              BeiDou – 40400 km
- Optimization: Racelogic Clock now uses a monospaced font to prevent digits from moving when displaying different values.

3.11.19 - September 2018
- Optimization: Performance improved by 12%.
- Bugfix: Wrong ephemeris parameters transmitted by BeiDou geostationary satellites (SV 1 to 5) directly after crossing a BDS week boundary.  
- Bugfix: Wrong ephemeris was causing very short signal drop-outs every even hour for GPS and every half an hour for GLONASS.
- Optimization: Newest HASP driver is now included in SatGen Installer.
- Bugfix: Occasionally (near the BeiDou week boundary) the "toa" (Time of Almanac) parameter in the BeiDou navigation message was wrong.  This had no effect on the position reported by receivers.
- Bugfix: Most of satellites rising during the simulation had wrong ephemeris and receivers were not able to get a lock.
- Feature: New EULA for SatGen installer.
- Optimization: Several changes improving simulation accuracy.
- Optimization: Simulating highly dynamic trajectories is now much improved. 
- Bugfix: LabSat 2 Real Time simulations no longer write exceptions to the log file when closing.
- Feature: Support added for GPS L1P, L2P, L2C, L5I, L5Q, L1M (noise), L2M (noise), GLONASS L2OF and BeiDou B1-2 I, B2I.  All signals can be selected simultaneously for LabSat 3 Wideband with a Wideband dongle plugged in.
- Optimization: "time left" estimate during simulation is now much more stable and accurate.
- Feature: SatGen log files now include the simulation engine version.
- Feature: Any problems experienced when writing output files (such as running out of disk space) are now reported using message boxes. 
- Feature: Simulation engine prevents the operating system from shutting down until the currently running simulation is fully stopped.
- Feature: Simulation engine now pops up a message box if an almanac with no satellites is used.
- Bugfix: Rare crash when running space simulations (satellite visibility issue when flying at orbital speeds and using negative elevation mask).
- Bugfix: Crash when running extremely short simulations (e.g. 1 second – the minimum permitted simulation length).
- Bugfix: Crash when no satellites in view.
- Bugfix: State of the "Satellite number limit" checkbox in RealTime mode was not preserved between sessions.
- SatGen UI: signal levels for individual constellations now default to their maximum values.  
- Feature: Negative elevation masks down to -20° are now permitted. 
- SatGen UI: Acquisition delay is now disabled for Static simulations. 
- SatGen UI Bugfix: Crash when attempting to write or create satgenV3.ini file in Program Files when running SatGen from a user (non-administrator) account. 

************IMPORTANT NOTE: SatGen now requires .NET Framework 4.7.2*************

3.11.3 - February 2018
- Feature: Error message is now displayed when simulation engine detects an invalid almanac file (selected in the SatGen UI).
- Feature: Error message is now displayed when simulation engine detects an empty trajectory.
- SatGen UI Bugfix: LabSat 3 Wideband output filename had two dots after being edited manually
- SatGen UI Bugfix: example scenarios were broken (Square, Figure of Eight)
- SatGen UI Bugfix: German VBO file issues (comma as a decimal point still present in the nmeaInput.txt file)
- SatGen UI Bugfix: NMEA file written by SatGen had the East and West swapped
- SatGen UI Bugfix: if you set the simulation output to NMEA, if the file already existed, it wasn't overwritten
- SatGen UI Bugfix: the velocity and acceleration values in rawoutput.txt didn't match the units in the header (the values were in cm/s and cm/s2 instead of m/s and m/s2)
- SatGen UI Bugfix: generated nmeaInput.txt was longer than the defined scenario length, it contained extra samples rounding up to a whole second
- Bugfix: Problem with reading geoid separation from the configuration file Profile.txt.  It seems NMEA option was not working.
- Almanac loading routines rewritten.
- Bugfix: broken LabSat 1 output.  The *.bin files didn't have the LS1 intermediate frequency applied and the resulting signal was unstable.
- Bugfix: broken LabSat2 RealTime simulation for BeiDou and Glonass.  Only GPS was working correctly.

3.10.7 - November 2017
- Bugfix: UI - VBO file import was swapping East with West.

3.10.6 - October 2017
- Bugfix: UI - File extension from a cancelled attempt to load a KLM or VBO file was displayed when loading an NMEA file.
- Bugfix: UI - Height command with metres was freezing the software and throwing "Out of Memory" error, validation message now present.
- Bugfix: UI - Comma was not accepted as a decimal point when loading VBO files.
- Bugfix: The default almanacs for BeiDou were outdated.  A new almanac has been added "BDS_20170822.alm" and it is automatically selected for simulations starting on 1st July 2016 and after.
- Bugfix: Output files were sometimes longer than the scheduled simulation time.
- Bugfix: UI - wrong distance written to the NMEA file when executing the following commands: speed=72@100m wait 4s. One NMEA sample was missing.
- Bugfix: Wrong GPS L1C/A subframe was transmitted just before midnight on Saturday/Sunday night (GPS week boundary).
- Feature: Support added for NMEA files with lat/long expressed as fractional degrees.
- Bugfix: Simulations which were just a few seconds long were crashing.
- Feature: LabSat 3 Wideband output added. 1, 2 and 3bit quantisation is available for up to 3 constellations at a time in LS3W format.
- Feature: 2-bit and 3-bit files now use the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to maintain the optimum level of quantisation.
- Optimization: Performance improved by 48%. RealTime performance on machines with 2 or more physical processors improved by 68%.
- Bugfix: Glonass accuracy has been greatly improved (pseudorange residuals dropped from 3-7m to 0.5-2m).  
- Bugfix: GPS and BDS receivers were losing satellite lock for up to one minute on a week boundary (around midnight on Saturday/Sunday night).
- Bugfix: Occasional 2-second dropouts of individual satellites starting to occur after 5-6 minutes of simulation.
- Feature: BeiDou GEO satellites (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5) are now implemented.  Note that they will only be simulated for LabSat 3 Wideband.
- Feature: Due to performance optimisations the maximum permitted trajectory height is 2000km (1243 miles).  
- Feature: LabSat2 and LabSat3 files now include the version of SatGen in the file header. LabSat 3 Wideband .ini files now have the SatGen version written to their [notes] section.
- Bugfix: All output file names were lowercase even if the typed in output names were using Capital Letters.
- Bugfix: 1-bit RealTime output was broken on all machines.
- Bugfix: Both 1-bit single constellation RealTime output and 1-bit single constellation files were broken on machines with 2 physical processors.
- Bugfix: "Link sliders" in RealTime mode was not working if it was already ticked on startup.
- Feature: Double-clicking a signal level slider in Real Time mode moves it to its maximum value.

3.8.4 - August 2016
- Bugfix: UI - Fix google maps.
- Feature: Real Time Simulation implemented. 

3.3.3 - September 2015
- Bugfix: 1 bit BDS and GLONASS files not working.
- Bugfix: unable to create 3 constellation scenarios for LabSat3.
- Bugfix: LabSat 3 file header broken. 
- Bugfix: crash when simulating a GPS+BDS LabSat 3 scenario. 
- Bugfix: all output files (except 3-constellation LabSat 3 files) were suffering from a minor glitch - 1 in 32 output samples on average had wrong value.
- Bugfix: on some machines the progress bar was occasionally going back and forth.  
- Bugfix: crash when satellite number 1 was missing from the almanac.
- Optimization: Cancelling the simulation takes just a few seconds (previously the user had to wait at least 15 seconds).
- Feature: "Days" box added in the UI to allow simulations longer than 24 hours.
- UI change: the height of the main window has been reduced which means SatGen can now be run on 1024x768 screens.  
- Bugfix: setting noise above the default level was still generating default noise.
- Feature: Added the latest broadcasted almanac for BeiDou: BDS_20150610.alm.  It is automatically selected for simulations starting on 10.06.2015 or later. 
- Feature: The simulation progress window no longer stays on top of other windows.

3.2.3 - June 2015
- Support added for BeiDou simulation. 

3.0.20 - February 2015
- Bugfix: LabSat1 output was generating unreadable signal. 
- Bugfix: "ghost" satellites were appearing when Glonass satellites were manually deleted from the almanac file. 

3.0.19 - February 2015
- Bugfix: Elevation mask selected in the UI had no effect on the simulation.
- Bugfix: No more problems with manually modified almanac files. 
          - AGL and YUMA almanac files can now be loaded even if individual satellites have been manually deleted.
		  - GLONASS simulation no longer crashes when satellites are missing from the almanac.
- Bugfix: UI - fixed Google Maps scripting errors.

3.0.17 - February 2015
- Final implementation of GPS leap seconds - added information about the leap second which will be added on 30th June 2015.
- GLONASS frequency slots are now up to date with recent constellation changes.
- Front End change: Addition of VTG strings to NMEA output file.
- Bugfix: resolved LabSat 2 GPS Monitor freezing problem. 
- Bugfix: problems with SatGen on German operating system.
- Feature: ability to manually load separate almanacs for different constellations.
- Feature: 2-bit output available for LabSat 2 and 3 when running a single constellation.

3.0.3 - August 2014
- Cosmetic changes to Labsat 3 headers.
- EGM84 Height geoid Bugfix.
- Bugfix for demo mode unexpectedly terminating on certain machines.
- Bugfix to resolve issue with Google Earth creating .KML files with unusable dynamics.
- SatGen now opens up a folder containing the output file after it has been generated to make it easier for users to locate.
- Improvements to dongle detection on remote desktop connections.
- LabSat 1 created scenarios now will allow receivers to obtain GPS lock.
NOTE: LabSat 3 units will not play back LabSat 2 GLONASS only scenarios. These will need to be converted to Labsat 3 to play on a Labsat 3.  

3.0.2 - July 2014
Initial Release.